enterprise e shuttle bay

This is the piece that was for the Ships of the line calendar. Doug Drexler called and asked if I wanted to submit another piece for the 2011 calendar and I was so happy to be able too. From a personal challenging point of view I wanted to see if I could do the whole thing in Photoshop and thus I bit off more than I could chew…..  It took a very long time to make everything work this way but I was very happy with the end result….. For what Doug needs to get the calendar going is a few ideas and then some sketches to pitch the concepts to Pocket books in New York.  So Another nod to the USS Midway CV-41 is where this idea came from. My friend Nelson and I had just had our first tour of the Carrier in San Diego after a week at Comicon and once we were below the flight deck we were in the plane storage area of the ship. The bay was the almost the entire length of the flight deck above and one incredible site to behold. I was imagining the E bays looking like this in my head but didn’t really think about rendering the concept until the calendar art was in the works.  The bay pictured in the drawing is the one situated at the back of the Saucer.  The first sketch shows a rough view of the angle and what the surroundings will be like.. I drew the first pass in the wrong format so I had to add more length to the left side before I got the go ahead from Drexler. Once all was ago I started the piece off with a very clean pencil drawing, did a scan and then began to texture and paint away. It was way hard to find grid and metal screen textures that were usable and I spent more time researching than drawing at times, HAAA!  I’m sure this is a big issue with those of you who live in CG and 3D land that you build more than you need. I did the same with putting a large amount of under the grates equipment below the floor line and once I put the shuttles on top of grates the details were all hidden.  Lost a couple of days with that idea LOL. from there it was a lot of fun to find tons of LCAR screens to use and I even found some deck crew from the carrier Enterprise CV-65 and dropped them in the background. after the piece was nearing completion and I was past my due date I started to drop the heavy shuttles on the opposite side of the bay and at the last minute left them out so the wall details could be seen. I went back and forth with this layer and in the end I’m glad I left it turned off. the hanging shuttles were a fun way to fill space and add another layer of detail. The ships were designed to be the fighter group that were in added to the ships arsenal after the Nemesis refit. I have mentioned this is past posts but if the chance arises the shuttles all have significant names that reflect people that I highly admire. There are never enough shuttles to do this idea justice so the names rotate as the drawings for the Trek films are being drawn. There is ALWAYS a shuttle named “Siouxsie” for one of my all time favorite singers Siouxsie Sue of Siouxsie and the Banshees, she has gone solo in the last few years and she only gets better with time!!! Love ya Sioux. Next is the Yeager named after Chuck Yeager, the test pilot who broke the sound Barrier in October of 1947. The next shuttle was named after Glenn Edwards, Glen was one of the pilots that was killed in a test flight of the Northrup YB-49 (The Flying Wing) Muroc AFB was renamed Edwards Air Force Base in his honor in 1950. and when I turned the final piece in the 4rth Shuttle was named after William J. Fox another USAF General that has a small airport named after him in Lancaster CA. A few days after the drawing was out of my hands, my Friend Robert McCall passed away. McCall is the space artist from Arizona who is best known for his works on 2001 a Space Odyssey and his massive murals at the Smithsonian depicting NASA and the quest for space. I made a quick call to Doug and he let me replace the Fox shuttle with the McCall shuttle in Bob’s Honor. On an interesting note except for Siouxsie, all of the above men listed knew each other.  Bob’s passing was a sad time, but it was so nice to be able to remember him in such a memorable way. So with that all said Thanks go to Doug and a few of my hero’s that got to be a part of the drawing. Enjoy and more from the world of Trek to come.

the E exterior

sketch of the exterior bay

another view of the bay from the ILM miniature

The USS Midway CV-41

sketch #1

sketch #2

in progress #1

in progress pencil sketch #2

the background painting,, I found that Ciggerette smoke makes for a great galaxy

in progress #2

various sketchy details

the final piece


details 2

details 3

details 4

Siouxsie from th early 90's

Siouxsie today

Capt. Glen W. Edwards

Edwards plane, the YB-49

Chuck Yeager and the X-1

Yeager in the cockpit of the NF-104

Robert McCall

McCall's painting from 2001


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